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The benefits of the ISEEMORE app


iPhone applicatie kaarthe ISEEMORE app, connected to the central database just like the website, provides input and output functions that are simple to use and are fast. Also, smartphone functionality is used to its best advantage.

Reporting & Performance meters

KPI dashboardOrganisations can be displayed on the map. The colour scheme is used to indicate the status of an organisation. Clicking on the organisation navigates to the underlying organisations or can zoom in to the organisation, which displays the KPI report for the current or previous periods.

A colour scheme and value are used for each KPI to show the pertinent performance and its proportional comparison with the result for the previous year or budget. You can zoom in on each KPI, which displays detailed information. For example, you can gain insight into turnover, margin, wages, number of customers, expenditure, results, and turnover per hour worked.

Current financial data

Financiele gegevenshe actual data within a period can be input and viewed for each booking period. The input option via the app is intended to provide a fast way to gain insight into performance.

Ideally, financial data entry will occur automatically via the website, where manually entered data is overwritten.

Operational data

operationele gegevens klanten In addition to financial data, the data for operational results also provides insight into the performance of an organisation. For example, shop performance can be measured by the average amount spent per number of customers.

Quick scan

For the Quick scan, where performance is measured at the national level, the number of customers associated with a customer campaign or campaign theme is measured.
In addition, the valuation of the customer campaign or campaign theme is inventoried for the Quick scan.

Scan function & digital file

scanfunctie en digitaal dossierDocuments are photographed using a smartphone and metadata is added, and this is then saved in the digital file.


The documents, such as contracts, invoices, z-total, annual accounts, can be viewed at any time. The bookkeeping can be directly updated.

Staff time recording

UrenregistratieHours can be recorded by person per day: hours worked, leave, sickness absence, and other (indirect) hours. In addition, the relationship with planned hours is immediately viewable.

Time recording is used in calculating turnover per hour worked and for salary administration.
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