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ISEEMORE is the tool for continuous monitoring!

meter-256ISEEMORE provides near real-time company data 24x7. This allows you to improve and stabilise your competitive position within your market segment. ISEEMORE is the tool for continuous monitoring. It is a must for effectively managing your organisation in this current crisis.

Flexibility determines the current position of an enterprise in a market that continuously changes. It is also essential that you are able to access real-time data. ISEEMORE makes that possible.

ISEEMORE greatly simplifies administrative tasks and restricts these to a minimum.
Financial and operational information is accessible to the entrepreneur at any desired moment.

Complete automation of your company administration


ISEEMORE provides a foundation for policy making and organisational development.

ISEEMORE makes it possible to completely automate your company administration and harmonise it in a simple manner within your daily way of working. This results in a reduction in errors, time saving, and reduction of costs.
ISEEMORE provides benchmark overviews focused on your individual company or a specific target audience. This provides you, the entrepreneur, with actual insight into how your enterprise is performing within the relevant market segment. Performance can be encapsulated periodically, cumulatively, singly or consolidated with respect to the previous year, the budget, or national average.

Cloud based App & Web application

Virtual-Apps-256Your entire company administration is well-organised and secure in the cloud.

ISEEMORE functionality can be provided as a smartphone app and as a web application (website). ISEEMORE is user friendly and is fine-tuned to your personal needs.


Optimisation of your company operation

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ISEEMORE functionality can be gradually extended: straightforward options to get going and to scale up.
ISEEMORE is focused on an optimised company operation based at the operational, tactical, and strategic level.

Insight into current performance

Clicking on the organisation navigates to the underlying organisations or can zoom in to the organisation, which displays the performance report (KPI) for the current or previous periods.

Actual insight into the operation and financial performance of the organisation:

  • periodically or cumulatively
  • with respect to the previous year or period, or, with respect to the budget
  • singly or consolidated
  • presentation via "KPI report" and detailed period overview
  • per organisation, per level (holding, operating company, project, product, department) and in comparison with results achieved at the national level

Complete integration with your bookkeeping

Data-Replace-256 1ISEEMORE can be interfaced with every available accounting package and reading of the financial data can be completely automated. The linking to the chart of accounts for the organisation occurs only once.

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