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How does ISEEMORE work?


A role based authorisation system is used to provide access to reports that belong to or are assigned to the pertinent organisation(s) and user.


Examples of conditional access:


The branch manager

A branch manager can only access the data for his or her branch. If branches are a part of an organisation where there are multiple branches (e.g. a company with a chain of shops), then the person registered at the shop level will be able to access the information for all the branches of that shop. If the shop is a part of a shop organisation, then a person registered at the shop organisation level has access to all data for the organisation, all shops that are part of the organisation, and the branches that fall under the shops.


An employee of an accounting firm has access to the data of customers, e.g. holdings under which there are other participating entities. The holdings are displayed on the map and the associated indicator (colour scheme) is a sum of the KPIs defined for the holding. Clicking the holding will display, as desired, the KPIs and data for the holding or the indicators for the participating entities, and these can be zoomed into as well.
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