How does ISEEMORE work?


The implementation of ISEEMORE is focused on the development of a foundation, which is part of professional information management. With attention to the capacity for change of the organization (s). ISEEMORE fits any ICT-infrastructure, without modification.


Updating the administration takes place automatically, or is facilitated so that it can be integrated into the daily work easily. This leads to error reduction, time savings, and lower costs.
Operational and financial performance are translated into individual and target oriented (benchmark) reports. This leads to an actual insight in the performance of the organization; periodic, cumulative, exclusive, consolidated, compared with the previous year, budget or national average.

The growing database invites to search for information, as a basis for decision-making and organizational development. The signaling function "brings" the information to the correct person, at the time when it is needed.




Big Data

The head office, franchiser, accounting or administration office, branch managers and/or franchisees maintain the bookkeeping, complete it, or enter the... Read more

Reporting model

Organisational data is incorporated into a standardised reporting model.    The reporting model consists of a set of simply defined performance indicators... Read more


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The products of ISEEMORE provide weekly or monthly insight into actual performance. You can enter and view data via smartphone app... Read more


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