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How does ISEEMORE work?


The products of ISEEMORE provide weekly or monthly insight into actual performance.

Apps-256You can enter and view data via smartphone app and website.


Quick scan

Weekly insight into performance, encapsulated compared to the averages of selected group organisations.

The Quick scan is used via the ISEEMORE app to collect similar data from a few to many organisations. This creates a total picture that can be presented via the website in different periodic overviews. The Quick scan Performance overview shows the measured turnover, margin, and average expenditure. The Customer campaign and Campaign theme overviews present the share of customers and share of sales and the associated valuation.

Participating organisations make use of the simple input function in the mobile app from which the total picture is constructed. An additional benefit is insight into the performance of the participating organisation with respect to the previous year and periods via the performance indicators: Turnover, Customers, and Expenditure.

The overviews are periodically updated using the results of the measurements from authorised participating organisations. All authorised organisations and persons receive access to the overviews via the website.

Organisation monitor

The ISEEMORE Organisation monitor provides complete and current insight into the organisation's performance.

A connection can be created for the participating organisations via (each) general ledger chart of accounts, and, thus, each bookkeeping system. This allows you to gain complete insight into performances for each organisation and at a consolidated level. The available functionality:

  • Extensive period overviews including a KPI report. This provides insight into the development of financial and operational data. For example, you can gain insight into the development of turnover, number of customers and average customer spend, margin, results, turnover per hour worked and salary.
  • Time recording using the app and website
  • Scanning and digital file solution, including for immediate submission to bookkeeping (purchase invoices, z-total, contracts, etc.)


ISEEMORE Benchmarking allows you to determine which KPIs and what report form to use.

You can define your own KPIs, which provides you with a powerful analytical tool.

You can also customise your reports. For example, reports can be based on SBI codes, selections by regions, types of organisations, and other specific characteristics. We associate specific characteristics with organisations and can save virtually all financial data, which allows us to develop a benchmark report that can be requested immediately, the so-called "Benchmark analysis".

For example, if operational data is missing then a solution can be brought about:

  • in the form of a manual input function via the app and/or website
  • with an input function to read in a (CSV) file via the website
  • via a direct link with an information system (web service)
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